Item Item Name Column Name Required Definition Code Set Data Type Length Precision
005 Collection Version CollectionVersion Required Collection version should contain this value '2023Jun1.0StuDiscipline' for the 2023 Student Discipline June File Layout.
Text 50
010 Current School Year CurrentSchoolYear Required The ending year of the current school year. For example, use '2023' for the 2022-2023 school year.
Integer 4
015 Attending District Code AttendingDistrictCode Required DESE assigned 6 digit county district code for the district of attendance. DESE_District_Codes Text 6
020 Attending School Code AttendingSchoolCode Required DESE assigned 4 digit school code for the school of attendance. DESE_School_Codes Text 4
025 Reporting District Code ReportingDistrictCode Required DESE assigned 6 digit county district code for the district reporting. DESE_District_Codes Text 6
030 Reporting School Code ReportingSchoolCode Required DESE assigned 4 digit school code where the student is being reported from. DESE_School_Codes Text 4
035 Resident District Code ResidentDistrictCode Required DESE assigned 6 digit county district code for the district of residence. E.g. K-8 Resident II student attending high school in a different district would have Resident District Code populated with xxxxxx and the “Attending District Code” populated with yyyyyy representing the district of enrollment. DESE_District_Codes Text 6
040 Resident School Code ResidentSchoolCode Required DESE assigned 4 digit school code for the school of residence. DESE_School_Codes Text 4
045 MOSIS Student ID StateID Required State assigned student identifier. See for more information.
Text 10
050 Local Student ID LocalStudentID Optional Local student id maintained by the district. Allows for data to be associated to local systems from DESE source systems.
Text 20
055 Legal Last Name LastName Optional Legal last name.
Text 60
060 Legal First Name FirstName Optional Legal first name.
Text 60
065 Legal Middle Name MiddleName Optional Legal middle name.
Text 60
070 Legal Name Suffix Suffix Optional Legal name suffix. E.g. Jr, Sr
Text 10
075 Date of Birth DateOfBirth Required Date of birth.
Text 10
080 Student Grade Level StudentGradeLevel Required Grade level as of the time data is being submitted unless otherwise specified. Student_Grade_Level_Codes Text 3
085 Gender Gender Required Gender Gender_Codes Text 1
090 Race/Ethnicity RaceEthnicity Required Pre-defined Race / Ethnic code. Race_Ethnicity_Codes Text 1
095 Offense Date OffenseDate Required Date offense occurred.
Date 10
100 Offense Type OffenseType Required Nature of offense resulting in removal of student from regular school setting. Discipline_Offense_Type_Codes Text 1
105 Weapon Type WeaponType Required Type of weapon involved in the offense. For further clarification on weapons, see (18 U.S.C.§ 921). Discipline_Weapon_Type_Codes Text 1
110 Discipline Removal DisciplineRemoval Required Type of disciplinary action used to remove student committing the offense from current educational setting. Discipline_Removal_Codes Text 3
115 Length Removed LengthRemoved Required Length of time student committing offense is removed from current educational placement. Discipline_Length_Removed_Codes Text 3
120 Modified Length ModifiedLength Conditional Value is required if student was expelled. Expelled student whose length of removal was modified (shortened) by chief administrative officer of the school district. Yes_No Boolean 1
125 Alternate Placement Indicator API Conditional Value is required if student was expelled. Expelled student receiving educational services in an alternative educational setting. Yes_No Boolean 1
130 LEP / ELL LEPELL Required DESE assigned LEP/ELL code set. This code set is used to declare if a student is an English Learner receiving services, English Learner not receiving Title III services due to parent request, first year monitored English Learner, second year monitored English Learner, former English Learner Accountability Year 3, or former English Learner Accountability Year 4. English Learner - In coordination with the state’s definition based on Section 8101(20) of the ESEA, as amended by the ESSA, the term ‘English learner’, when used with respect to an individual, means an individual: (A) who is aged 3 through 21; (B) who is enrolled or preparing to enroll in an elementary school or a secondary school; (C ) (who is i, ii, or iii) (i) who was not born in the United States or whose native languages are languages other than English; (ii) (who is I and II) (I) who is a Native American or Alaska Native, or a native resident of the outlying areas; and (II) who comes from an environment where a language other than English has had a significant impact on the individual’s level of English language proficiency; or (iii) who is migratory, whose native language is a language other than English, and who come from an environment where a language other than English is dominant; and (D) whose difficulties in speaking, reading, writing, or understanding the English language may be sufficient to deny the individual (who is denied i or ii or iii)[1] (i) the ability to meet the challenging State academic standards; (ii) the ability to successfully achieve in classrooms where the language of instruction is English; or (iii) the opportunity to participate fully in society. Note - To be classified as an English learner, an individual must be A, B, C, and D. For C, an individual can be i, ii, or iii. If C-ii, the individual must be I and II. For D, an individual must be denied i or ii or iii.[2] LEP_Codes Text 3
135 IEP Disability IEPDisability Required Report most dominant disability. Disability_Codes Text 2