Address Change Notification

20 CSR 2250-4.020 (4) Within ten (10) days following a change in name or home address, each licensee shall notify the commission in writing.

20 CSR 2250-4.040 (1) A broker shall not conduct business under any other name or at any other address than the one for which the broker's individual license is issued unless the broker first complies with 20 CSR 2250-4.030. If a broker changes his/her name, home or business address, the broker shall notify the commission in writing within ten (10) days after the change becomes effective.


  • Please use the form below to report address changes, and click submit.
  • NOTICE: Address updates are not automatic - normal processing time is up to two (2) business days but that also depends on the volume of COAs that are being received.
  • Please submit your address change only one time.
  • Section 1 completed for a change in Resident address
  • Section 2 completed for a change in business address - by providing the designated broker's name, the designated broker has authorized the business address change.
  • Individual Brokers: To ensure accurate records, individual brokers MUST complete BOTH Sections #1 and #2 even if the addresses are the same or are not changing.
  • NOTE: If you do not know your license number, click on Licensee Search Leave the County Name and Profession Name fields set to ALL. Click on Licensee Name and type your name in the text box provided. Be sure to enter your name specifically as requested (i.e. Doe, John). Click the Search button. When your license record is found, click on Detail to obtain the license number.
1. Change Residence Address
Name as it appears on the license

New Residence Address

2. Change Business Address
Physical Business Address

Business Mailing Address
if different from physical address.