Item Item Name Column Name Required Definition Code Set Data Type Length Precision
005 Collection Version CollectionVersion Required Collection version should contain this value '2014ALL1.0EDPrepParticipation' for the 2014 ED Prep Annual Participation File Layout.
Text 50
010 Current School Year CurrentSchoolYear Required The ending year of the current school year. For example, use '2007' for the 2006-2007 school year.
Integer 4
025 Reporting Ed Prep Program ReportingEdPrepProgram Required DESE assigned 6 digit code for the reporting ed prep program. DESE_District_Codes Text 6
060 Legal Last Name LastName Required Legal last name.
Text 60
065 Legal First Name FirstName Required Legal first name.
Text 60
070 Legal Middle Name MiddleName Optional Legal middle name.
Text 60
075 Legal Name Suffix Suffix Optional Legal name suffix. E.g. Jr, Sr
Text 10
080 Date of Birth DateOfBirth Required Date of birth.
Text 10
085 Social Security Number SSN Required Social Security Number. Formats allowed (999999999).
Text 9
100 Gender Gender Required Gender Gender_Codes Text 1
105 Race/Ethnicity RaceEthnicity Required Pre-defined Race / Ethnic code. PAP_Race_Ethnicity Text 1
110 Cert. Subject Area SubjectArea Conditional Certification Subject Area, see code set for list of codes. Ed_Prep_Certification_Subject_Area_Codes Text 8
125 Ed Prep Program Type EdPrepProgramType Required The “path” taken towards certification as defined in 5 CSR 20-400.320. Traditional refers to Conventional Programs: A program for the preparation of professional school personnel that includes a curriculum of general education, content and professional studies, and clinical experiences designed for candidates who enter college upon graduation from high school and culminates in a bachelor’s or higher degree; Non-Traditional refers to Alternative Programs: A program for the preparation of professional school personnel that provides a curriculum for post-baccalaureate degree candidates without professional education preparation to enable them to meet the requirements for state certification; and Innovative Programs: A program for the preparation of professional school personnel that includes all of the elements and requirements of a conventional program, but utilizes non-conventional methods for delivering the prescribed curriculum (ex. field-based instruction, distance learning via telecommunications or Internet, etc.) Ed_Prep_Program_Type_Codes Text 2
130 Ed Prep Participation Status EdPrepPartStatus Required The annual status of the student in the reported Ed Prep Program. Ed_Prep_Participation_Status_Codes Text 1
135 Comments Comments Optional Additional comments.
Text 500