Item Item Name Column Name Required Definition Code Set Data Type Length Precision
005 Collection Version CollectionVersion Required Collection version should contain this value '2014Jun1.0PAPCore' for the 2014 PS-Adult Perkins Core collection.
Text 50
010 Current School Year CurrentSchoolYear Required The ending year of the current reporting school year. For example, use '2007' for the 2006-2007 school year.
Integer 4
025 Reporting District Code ReportingDistrictCode Required DESE assigned 6 digit county district code for the secondary, post-secondary, or area career center reporting. DESE_District_Codes Text 6
030 Reporting School Code ReportingSchoolCode Required DESE assigned 4 digit school code where the student is being reported from. DESE_School_Codes Text 4
035 Fiscal Agent District Code FiscalAgentCode Required DESE assigned 6 digit county district code for fiscal agent. Enter your own code if you are the fiscal agent. DESE_District_Codes Text 6
050 MOSIS Student ID StateID Required State assigned student identifier. See for more information.
Text 10
055 Local Student ID LocalStudentID Optional Local student id maintained by the district. Allows for data to be associated to local systems from DESE source systems.
Text 20
060 Legal Last Name LastName Optional Legal last name.
Text 60
065 Legal First Name FirstName Optional Legal first name.
Text 60
070 Legal Middle Name MiddleName Optional Legal middle name.
Text 60
075 Legal Name Suffix Suffix Optional Legal name suffix. E.g. Jr, Sr
Text 10
080 Date of Birth DateOfBirth Required Date of birth.
Text 10
085 Social Security Number SSN Optional Social Security Number. Formats allowed (999999999) or (999-99-9999)
Text 11
100 Gender Gender Required Gender Gender_Codes Text 1
105 Race/Ethnicity RaceEthnicity Required Pre-defined Race / Ethnic code. PAP_Race_Ethnicity Text 1
120 Perkins ADA PerkADA Required An individual with a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more of the major life activities of such individual; a record of such an impairment; or being regarded as having such an impairment is on file. Yes_No Text 1
125 Perkins Economically Disadvantaged PerkEconDis Required A individual receiving a Pell grant. Yes_No Text 1
135 Perkins Non-traditional PerkNonTrad Required See document: Yes_No Text 1
140 Perkins Single Parent PerkSingleParent Required An individual who is unmarried or separated from their spouse and is pregnant or has sole or joint custody of a minor child or children. Yes_No Text 1
145 Perkins Displaced Homemaker PerkDisplaced Required An individual who has worked primarily without remuneration to care for a home and family and for that reason has diminished marketable skills; or has been dependent on the income of another family member but is no longer supported by that income, or is a Yes_No Text 1
150 Perkins Migrant PerkMigrant Required A student who has moved across school district boundaries within the preceding 36 months to seek or obtain (or to accompany or join a parent, spouse, or guardian who is seeking to obtain) temporary, seasonal employment in agriculture or fishing, or to wor Yes_No Text 1
155 Perkins LEP PerkLEP Required An individual who has limited ability in speaking, reading writing or understanding the English language, and whose native language is a language other than English; or who lives in a family or community environment in which a language other than English Yes_No Text 1
160 Primary CTE Program Code CTEProgramCode Required DESE CTE program code that designates the student's primary field of study. CTE_Program_Codes Text 4
165 Perkins Career Cluster PerkCareerCluster Conditional 16 DESE issued Career Clusters used to indicate the students primary field of study. CTE_Cluster_Codes Text 1
170 Perkins Participant PerkPart Required Mark student as an Adult or Post-Secondary Perkins participant. Adult and Post-Secondary Perkins participant definition can be found here: Perkins_Student_Type Text 1
175 Perkins Concentrator PerkCon Required Mark student as an Adult or Post-Secondary Perkins concentrator.. Adult and Post-Secondary Perkins concentrator definition can be found here: Perkins_Student_Type Text 1
180 Perkins Tech Prep PerkTechPrep Optional Mark student as an Adult or Post-Secondary Perkins Tech Prep. Adult and Post-Secondary Perkins Tech Prep definition can be found here: Perkins_Student_Type Text 1
185 Perkins Tech Prep Start Date PerkTPStartDate Optional Original date in which the Post-Secondary or Adult student began their Tech Prep program.
Date 10
190 Perkins Technical Skills Attainment PerkCTETSA Conditional Required for postsecondary and adult career technical education (CTE) students identified as Perkins Concentrators. Provide the Technical Skill Attainment result or circumstance associated with the students technical assessment. CTE_TSA_Testing_Codes Text 2
195 Perkins Retention Left Code PerkRetentionLeftCode Required Mark student as an Adult or Postsecondary Perkins concentrator. Provide the students classification as whether or not they were retained from the previous year or if the student left postsecondary education with an Industrial Recognized Credential; 1- or 2-year Certificate,, 2-year Degree, expulsion, dropped out or deceased.
Text 3
200 Perkins Bureau of Indian Affairs PerkBIA Required A individual receiving assistance from the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Yes_No Text 1