Item Item Name Column Name Required Definition Code Set Data Type Length Precision
005 Collection Version CollectionVersion Required Collection version should contain this value '2013All1.0HeadStartCore' for the 2013 Head Start Core File Layout.
Text 50
010 Current School Year CurrentSchoolYear Required The ending year of the current school year. For example, use '2013' for the 2012-2013 school year.
Integer 4
025 Reporting Grantee ReportingGrantee Required DESE assigned 6 digit county district code for the grantee or delegate reporting.
Text 6
050 MOSIS Student ID StateID Required State assigned student identifier.
Text 10
055 Local Student ID LocalStudentID Required ID used in the Head Start agency to uniquely identify the student.
Text 20
060 Legal Last Name LastName Required Legal last name.
Text 60
065 Legal First Name FirstName Required Legal first name.
Text 60
070 Legal Middle Name MiddleName Optional Legal middle name.
Text 60
075 Legal Name Suffix Suffix Optional Legal name suffix. E.g. Jr, Sr
Text 10
080 Date of Birth DateOfBirth Required Date of birth.
Text 10
100 Gender Gender Required Gender Gender_Codes Text 1
105 Race/Ethnicity RaceEthnicity Required Pre-defined Race / Ethnic code. Race_Ethnicity_Codes Text 1
110 Primary Eligibility PrimEligibility Optional The primary type of eligibility for a child for Head Start enrollment. This is enrollment for either Head Start or Early Head Start. HeadStart_Eligibility_Codes Text 1
115 Initial Enrollment Date InitialEnrollDate Required The year, month and day on which a child is considered officially enrolled in the Head Start or Early Head Start. Please note that if a child has multiple enrollment dates, the first enrollment date should be provided.
Text 10
120 Prenatal Services PrenatalServices Optional Mother Received Early Head Start Services During Pregnancy. Yes_No Text 1