Item Item Name Column Name Required Definition Code Set Data Type Length Precision
005 Collection Version CollectionVersion Required Collection version should contain this value '2013All1.0HeadStartAttnd' for the 2013 Head Start Attendance File Layout.
Text 50
010 Current School Year CurrentSchoolYear Required The ending year of the current school year. For example, use '2013' for the 2012-2013 school year.
Integer 4
015 Program Year ProgramYear Required The program year for which Head Start attendance is being reported. Report the latter of the years, so 2011-2012 would be reported as 2012. Years allowed are 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012.
Integer 4
020 DVN Facility Enrolled DVNFacilityEnrolled Required Deparment Vendor Number assigned to facilities by the State.
Text 9
025 Reporting Grantee ReportingGrantee Required DESE assigned 6 digit county district code for the grantee or delegate reporting.
Text 6
030 Reporting Attendance Center ReportingAttendCenter Required DESE assigned 4 digit attendance center code where the child is attending.
Text 4
050 MOSIS Student ID StateID Required State assigned student identifier.
Text 10
055 Local Student ID LocalStudentID Required ID used in the Head Start agency to uniquely identify the student.
Text 20
060 Legal Last Name LastName Required Legal last name.
Text 60
065 Legal First Name FirstName Required Legal first name.
Text 60
070 Legal Middle Name MiddleName Optional Legal middle name.
Text 60
085 Entry Date EntryDate Required The month, day, and year on which a child enters/attends and begins to receive instructional services in a school, institution, program, or class-section during a given program year.
Text 10
090 Daily Hours Allowed DailyHrsAllowed Required Total number of hours a child is allowed to attend per the program option/classroom which they are enrolled. Please note if a classroom in which a child is enrolled is open 12 hours but the child is only allowed to attend 10 of the 12 hours, the field should list 10 hours.
Number 2
095 Weekly Days Enrolled WeeklyDaysEnrolled Required The number of days the child was enrolled to attend per week. HeadStart_Weekly_Days_Enrolled_Codes Number 1
100 Annual Attendance AnnualAttendance Required Classification of the child's annual attendance as 1-12 months. HeadStart_Annual_Attendance_Codes Integer 2
105 Yearly Days Offered YearlyDaysOffered Required The total number of program days offered to the child per year based on the classroom or program that he/she was enrolled in.
Number 3
110 Exit Date ExitDate Required The year, month, and day on which the child officially withdrew and no longer attended.
Text 10
115 Exit Code ExitCode Required Type of Exit corresponding to the date the student left the attending facility. HeadStart_Attendance_Exit_Codes Text 2
120 Attendance Days AttendanceDays Required The number of days a child is present in a Head Start facility during the specified attendance period.
Number 3
125 Transportation Available TransportationAvail Required An indication of whether transportation services were available to the child during the attendance period. HeadStart_Yes_No_Unknown_Codes Boolean 1
130 Transportation Services TransportationServices Required An indication of whether transportation services were utilized by the child during the attendance period. HeadStart_Yes_No_Unknown_Codes Boolean 1